Business process digitalization

Business process digitalization

Digitalize your processes, make your business run smoothly
Improved efficiency for your organization and its operations
Better customer experience equals more satisfaction
Your company’s financial performance improves

Understanding the business processes and analyzing your business data is essential to running your operation efficiently.

Inceptum provides solutions for the digitalization of business processes that orchestrate people and systems in daily operations.
These will help your company make smart decisions and allow continuous improvements of how you run your operation.

Business process capturing

We'll provide the tools and the know-how needed to capture your current processes. But you are the ones with the understanding of your inner workings. Together we will discover, map and document your workflows. With collaborative documentation tools you will define sections of the same process independently and see it, end-to-end, for the first time. And then the evolution of your operations begins.

Process implementation and integration

The key to efficient operations is digitalized orchestration of people and systems involved in the workflow. Digitalization of business processes is implemented using a workflow (Business Process Management - BPM) platform and custom software. We provide various BPM platform and professional implementation services. This includes UX/UI design of human interfaces, integration to 3rd party software as well as the implementation of specialized software (mobile apps and web) to support the specifics of your business.

Business analytics

A newly designed and implemented process should give your business better performance. But does it? We provide analytical tools and expertise to measure the efficiency of running processes, simulate “to be” processes based on existing process data and explore data combined from workflow systems and other companies systems like SFA (sales force automation), CRM, and ERP to find correlation and make smarter business decisions, including the ones that will trigger change in the business process itself.
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