Process implementation and integration

Process implementation and integration

Business digitalization is recognized as a key ingredient of today’s modern way of doing business.

Business digitalization aims to:

  • Improve efficiency of your organization’s operations
  • Make your service, product delivery and support levels excellent
  • Increase customer satisfaction by enabling a digital end-user experience
  • Strengthen your company’s brand, revenue and financial position and achieve many other business operations benefits

Digitalization of your company’s business processes (primarily operations) is the core focus of Inceptum’s BPM and software development teams. Inceptum helps your company learn which exact operations are to be digitalized (automated and orchestrated) and how to prioritize during the process capturing.

Requirements defined in the process capturing phase represent input for software architects that will produce an ideal proposal: minimum engagement of development resources delivering optimal results. Architecture provided by Inceptum may combine a BPM platform, development of custom WEB and mobile applications as well as integration with your company’s existing applications (e.g. ERP, CRM, CallCenter BPX, etc.). The architecture is aligned with architecture guidelines of your company’s IT strategy.

The number of possible solutions addressing different businesses is limitless, but as in any human activity, there are standard patterns. Below are just two short cases demonstrating what digitalization of certain processes is, but you can read more on our blog.

Taking inventory with a specialized mobile app

It’s a business process initiated in your ERP, but when it comes to executing the actual field work, it becomes a pain point for many companies. Inceptum provides a specialized mobile app installed on your employees’ smartphones that is used for taking inventory by scanning barcodes, providing feedback on the status of items and many other things, all depending on the specifics of your particular inventory taking process and ERP.

Managing customer complaints and field activity

Your customer files a complaint to your call center and your field teams must provide an on-site solution. In this case the process begins in your company’s call center application (e.g. CRM) and your field teams must get the work order and execute. With no digital support, handling this situation often becomes a nightmare. Inceptum provides process orchestration between the call center and service departments, as well as a Field Service Management system that allows your dispatcher to send out work orders in a controlled manner. Field teams receive their work orders and all the necessary information through the mobile application, and have the ability to provide feedback.

Now that the process automation is in place, you only need data analytics to run your business even better.

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