Enterprise network management

Enterprise network management

Manage your network with an end-to-end NMS solution
Network, data center and application data on a single screen
Monitor network and IT resources efficiently and react promptly
Document your network and data center resources, quickly pinpoint the problem

Our UMBOSS 4E is an IT management solution designed to help IT administrators with documenting, planning and monitoring  IT infrastructure and services.

It is a modular solution created to fit any business regardless of its size and complexity.

IT infrastructure and services management

IT resource management ensures transparent and clearly structured documentation and planning of an entire enterprise IT environment including data centers, IT assets, IT services, etc. UMBOSS 4E is scalable, from the smallest up to the largest enterprises, regardless of their size and complexity.

Fault and performance management

UMBOSS 4E fault and performance management modules enable your IT team to check the health of an entire enterprise IT infrastructure. Get a status of the system by monitoring any device, service or application using a variety of protocols and methods.

The 360º view

The UMBOSS 4E portal gives your IT team a “single pane of glass” experience, with all relevant information about the state of the network and IT infrastructure on a single screen.
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