Fault and performance management

Fault and performance management

Consolidate, strengthen or replace existing fault and performance management in an enterprise IT environment with UMBOSS 4E modules.

UMBOSS 4E Fault Management

An efficient fault management system represents a key component of the proactive management of any outages and degradations in enterprise networks. The UMBOSS 4E fault management module supports the active and passive handling of failures in physical or virtual network environments.

UMBOSS’s fault management module is vendor and protocol independent, and due to flexible plugin architecture, it can monitor all types of parameters on any kind of device using any type of protocol. At the same time, the UMBOSS 4E FM module can receive alarm notifications from any legacy monitoring systems already present in the IT environment. 

All alarms are stored in a centralized alarm database and can be used for advanced correlated analytics. An alarm database also implements consolidation and aggregation scripts that enable faster access to relevant data.

A powerful alarm enrichment approach through integration with other IT systems, such as ERP, SRM, and ITSM, gives the IT administrators immediate access to all information related to the alarm.

UMBOSS 4E Performance Management

UMBOSS’s performance management module is based on a powerful collector engine capable of processing millions of variables with five minutes or less resolution time. UMBOSS 4E PM is designed to be a universal data series processing framework. Its scalable design and highly customizable architecture make it suitable for both small installations and large enterprise networks.

UMBOSS 4E PM is responsible for collecting performance data and storing it for later processing and presentation. The system can be configured to store performance data of all the key elements of the monitored infrastructure such as processors and memory utilization of active devices, traffic on all network interfaces, status of temperature sensors, battery status on UPS devices, and many others. The number and type of collected parameters can be modified according to the actual needs of the customer.

Flow-based network traffic monitoring based on a Flowmon platform gives even more detailed network visibility allowing faster troubleshooting and ticket resolution. Network flow monitoring utilizes sophisticated algorithms and machine learning to detect traffic anomalies in the network and enables the fast detection of DDOS attacks.