Telecom OSS. Done right.

Telecom OSS. Done right.

Umbrella OSS will have your telecom covered
End-to-end, customer service management taken to a new level
Service fulfillment processes improved and optimized
Network, service and customer data visualized on a single screen
telecom OSS

UMBOSS – a modular OSS solution that will transform your telecom into a full-blown digital provider.

Vendor independent and battle tested in network and service monitoring, NOC/SOC operations, service provisioning, workflow orchestration, analytics, and network planning. It will bring value to your business.

UMBOSS overview

UMBOSS is a modular solution that solves critical challenges in service assurance and service fulfillment processes. It improves your daily network and service operations.

Service Quality Management

UMBOSS Service Quality Management (SQM) measures and manages the quality level of your service toward customers. Collected data is compared against established quality indicators and presented to relevant stakeholders.

Service Fulfillment Suite

UMBOSS's service fulfillment solution orchestrates and automates end-to-end service delivery in your telecom. Do you have legacy OSS components? No problem, we are vendor agnostic and modular and will integrate seamlessly with your old systems.

Network resource management and documentation

Resource management ensures transparent and clearly structured discovery, documentation and management of telecommunication network and data center resources: passive infrastructure, active equipment and logical resources such as IP addresses, VLANs and VRFs.

Fault and performance management and network analytics

We will strengthen or replace your existing fault and performance management with UMBOSS modules. This will add new features such as traffic anomaly detection. Forthcoming degradations are detected, preemptive actions are taken, network performance is ensured.

Single Pane of Glass Experience

The UMBOSS portal provides a 360° view over your network, services and customers, all on a single screen. It is an immense toolset that allows your network engineers to test, monitor and troubleshoot different aspects of your services so you can quickly resolve any technical issues that may occur.