Network resource management and documentation

Network resource management and documentation

Network resource management represents a fundamental part of every telecom OSS platform. All other components of a telecom OSS platform strongly rely on data stored in a central resource inventory system.

Accuracy of data about network resources in a telecom operator is of crucial importance for improving operational efficiency, optimizing costs, automating service delivery, boosting service quality, and increasing customer satisfaction.

This includes active, passive and logical network resources, service resources in fixed-line and cellular communications as well as IT resources, such as data center capacity, servers, virtualizations and applications.

The Telecommunication Resource Inventory solution from FNT Command supports all types of line-based and wireless network technologies for transmission, access, cell phone and cable networks, as well as for satellite and radio/TV broadcast networks, such as OTN, SDH, PDH, SONET, WDM, ATM, MPLS, Ethernet, IP, VPN, xPON, FTTx, xDSL, HFC, WiFi, radio relay systems and others.

Network maps can be georeferenced using Web GIS module or represented in a schematic form, both on the physical connection layer as well as on the bearer and services layer.

Augmented reality transforms data center management in telecoms

IP Address Management – IPAM

UMBOSS IPAM is a central storage of logical resources such as VLANs, VRFs and IP addresses. UMBOSS IPAM has been built based on the best practices used by network engineers in a real telecom environment.

IPAM provides many of the functionalities that enable network engineers to be more productive, compliant and fault free such as:

  • Planning and managing of multiple IP address spaces
  • Smart allocation of IP address space
  • Reporting and compliance checking
  • Automatic discovery
  • Integration with other OSS/BSS systems

Integrating the IPAM solution with a CRM solution enables enrichment of IP information with customer, location and other CRM data.

All components of the UMBOSS OSS suite are integrated with the central network resource management system FNT Command. This ensures maximum efficiency in fulfillment, assurance, and planning processes.

Benefits of deploying a centralized resource management system for telecom operators:

  • Faster troubleshooting when integrating with other OSS components (ticketing, fault and performance management, etc.)
  • Topology-dependent root-cause analysis and alarm dependency
  • Better visibility and accuracy for field service technicians during repair, replacement, and reconfiguration assignments
  • Centralized management of network and service resources
  • Full transparency across all physical and logical network and service resources
  • More efficient use of existing network capacities – CAPEX reduction
  • Improved efficiency in day-to-day operations – OPEX reduction
  • Provides a foundation for efficient catalog-driven service fulfillment and service assurance processes
  • Enhanced customer experience and greater customer satisfaction