Service Fulfillment Suite

Service Fulfillment Suite

UMBOSS Service Fulfillment is a solution designed to orchestrate and automate end-to-end service delivery in telecoms. The solution employs a catalog-driven concept and enables telecom service providers to efficiently manage the end-to-end order life cycle for complex product offerings across lines of business (wireless, fixed line, cable, enterprise, etc.) and order entry channels (web, call center, store, mobile, B2B and social networks).

Our solution allows telecom service providers to implement a set of standardized, product catalog-based eTOM aligned business processes for the fulfillment of customer services.

UMBOSS supports complex order orchestration, order decomposition, dependency management, TM Forum standards-based integration, human task management, jeopardy handling, and automation of manually intensive activities. TM Forum compliance allows UMBOSS Service Fulfillment to be deployed in a BSS/OSS environment in order to both retain legacy applications and interwork with new applications.

Orchestration process

Key benefits and features of UMBOSS Service Fulfillment Suite are:

  • Simplify end-to-end service delivery – orchestrate the entire process from creating the catalog and setting up users to delivering the right products and coordinating all back-end functions, such as billing
  • Rapidly deliver new offerings – flexible tools simplify configuration of complex offerings and bundles across customers, partners and geographies
  • Reduce costs while increasing collaboration – multi-tenancy cuts costs by supporting all customers, partners and suppliers in a single, secure platform that isolates each client while facilitating collaboration
  • Gain visibility to rapidly monetize new offerings – automatic metering shows exactly how much usage and revenue are being generated
  • Extend the value of existing technology – the technology-agnostic platform enables provisioning of anything, anywhere, providing rapid integration and orchestration across systems, software and applicable devices