UMBOSS Portal -

UMBOSS Portal - "Single Pane of Glass" Experience

The UMBOSS portal provides a "single pane of glass" experience for Network Operations Center (NOC) and Service Operations Center (SOC) engineers and other technical support teams.

It aggregates data originating from legacy OSS/BSS systems such as vendor specific EMS systems, fault and performance management systems, inventory systems, CRM systems, billing, etc.

The UMBOSS portal provides a centralized view of the entire monitored infrastructure and access to all relevant information:

  • Device information
  • Customer information
  • Service information
  • Logical resources (IP addresses, MAC addresses, VLANs, VRFs, etc.)
  • Device status and history (alarms, performance, configurations)
  • Reporting (device availability reports, inventory reports, etc.)
  • Network topology, etc.

Quality of experience heavily depends on the ability of a telecom to quickly detect and resolve any service degradation or outage. The UMBOSS portal, with a built-in domain specific knowledge and toolset, allows network engineers to easily test, monitor and troubleshoot services.